About Us

Founded in the year 1994, Cherukuri Group is a closely held family-managed, professionally running business organization, dealing in a variety of segments including Real Estate, Constructions, Education and Legal Consultancy. In a span of over two decades, Cherukuri Group has built profitable businesses on innovation, solutions, reasonable price, excellence in performance, empowering employees and sustaining lasting customer relationships.

The companies that make up The Cherukuri Group of Companies, which are headquartered in Hyderabad, India, runs various diversified socio-economic and business activities under the committed, honest, modest and trustworthy leadership of the great philanthropist, able administrator and disciplined, devotional personality of Sri Cherukuri Rama Rao.

The Group's promoters believe in Single man leadership for fast, effective and dynamic decision making. Although, the Group is family managed business, it engages professionals at every stage in effectively managing the day to day affairs of the Organization. Today the Cherukuri Group is a business consortium that is recognized for its innovative and responsive business approach, built on time-honored values of honesty, reliability, sustainability and adaptability. The Group has adopted the latest technology like Web-enabled Accounting Software, Web-enabled Customer Relation Management Software, Web enabled Document Management Software etc for quick, speed and effective functioning of the organization while laying a unique platform for our continued success and future growth. With over two decades of success behind us, Cherukuri Group is clearly in business for the long term, committed to its goals.


CHERUKURI RAMA RAO, Chairman After rendering 22 years of responsible, efficient, effective, sincere and hardworking services in State Bank of India, Sri Cherukuri Rama Rao decided to opt for Voluntary Retirement Scheme with an intention to serve the Public through Private Business Establishments. With sincere and honest intentions, he established CHERUKURI GROUP in the year 1994 and ventured into various fields like Real Estates, Constructions, Legal Services and Schools. Under his inspiring leadership, the Cherukuri Group as a daring entrepreneur. Cherukuri Group is an embodiment of public trust, social service, principled economic and financial services institution based on moral, ethical and high valued principles.

CHERUKURI GOPINATH, Managing Director, A student of Sri Sathya Sai Baba Education Institution, who did his B.Com and LL.M. He looks after the total affairs of the Group with efficiency, highest degree of devotion and honesty. A highly self motivated personality, he follows his father's footsteps in both Business as well as Social Service. FUTURE PLANS Our strategy is to achieve long-term sustainable growth as a respectable group by providing value to our customers operations with world-leading, highly differentiated products and services. While serving our customers through our innovation and creative solutions, our plan is to grow and maintain market-leading position while developing long-term customer relationships.


To make "CHERUKURI" a leading quality brand across the globe that is known for providing the best and market-leading products and services focusing on customers and delivering superior returns. We are also servicing in the Co-operative sector


To provide the leadership and support necessary to sustain long-term growth and customer satisfaction for our products and services while passionately promoting quality and enhancing each of our brand's competitive advantage.


As a value-driven organization, the Group's philosophy is guided and driven by five core values of
Integrity: We display integrity in all the business decisions we make and the manner in which we conduct our professional relationships.
Understanding: We create the highest possible value for our customers by understanding what they exactly want and accordingly provide them that.
Excellence: We remain committed to excellence in all that we do and whose success is rooted in the satisfaction and performance of our people.
Unity: We work as one group, for our customers, together as one team Responsibility: We take seriously our responsibilities as a corporate citizen and make decisions for enhancing profitability keeping the interests of our shareholders.